CENTINEL Advanced Engine Oil Management System   

CENTINEL™ - Extended Intervals. Extended Protection. Extended Savings.

CENTINEL Extends Everything.

CENTINEL Advanced Engine Oil Management System extends oil change intervals to 525,000 miles (844,906 km) and oil filter changes to 75,000 miles (120,701 km) for heavy-duty onhighway applications! Depending on duty cycle and (Industrial) application, oil changes can be extended up to 4,000 hours.

Extra Protection. Every™ Cycle.

At duty-cycle-dependent intervals, CENTINEL removes a small amount of used oil out of the lubrication system and sends it to your fuel tank. The used oil blends with the fuel and is burned during combustion. Simultaneously, CENTINEL adds the same amount of new oil from a makeup tank into your engine. This constantly replenishes oil additives, improving oil quality over the life of your engine. There is also a "Burn-Only" version of CENTINEL that eliminates the reserve oil tank and oil makeup feature. Burn-Only CENTINEL is ideal for those who manage maintenance daily and have weight-sensitive applications.

Heavy-Duty Savings. Every Kind Of Duty.

CENTINEL works over the road, on the water, in power generation and in the mining pits. Because it is available as an original engine option and in most cases as an aftermarket kit, Cummins owners with the following engines can benefit from CENTINEL: heavy-duty engines (L10, M11, N14, ISX and ISM) or high-horsepower industrial engines (QSX15, K19, QSK19, QST30, K38, QSK45, K50, QSK50, QSK60 and QSK78).

Features and Benefits.

  1. Optimized Oil Management - Unlike time-based systems that replace oil at set intervals, CENTINEL's duty-based cycle control valve replaces oil as required. Your oil quality is stabilized at a 1:1 removal and replenishment rate
  2. Approved Performance - CENTINEL is the only oil management system to be EPA-certified for Tier 2
  3. Reduced Maintenance Costs
  4. Reduced Waste Handling and Disposal Costs
  5. Enhanced Engine Protection - Continuous replenishment of new oil into the lubrication system
  6. Advanced Self-Monitoring Controls - CENTINEL monitors makeup tank level and oil control valve operation, and alerts the operator if any abnormal condition is detected

Every™ Confidence. Comprehensive CENTINEL Coverage.

CENTINEL comes with a 2-year/250,000-mile (402,336 km) on-highway or 1-year/3,600-hour off-highway warranty. For more information, see your local Cummins dealer/distributor or call us at 1-800-CUMMINS™ (1-800-286-6467).

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