Change to Employee Login   

Changes to the Employee (WWID) Login Screen

As part of our corporate compliance standards to improve security and quality across all Cummins applications, we are migrating the login from Oracle Access Manager (OAM) to Azure Active Directory (AAD).  This will change the way WWID users’ login to the applications.   

What this mean for you…

  • The user login page for the applications will be changing slightly 
  • For internal WWID users (users having “AA000” formatted username), you will need to click on the new link “Cummins Employee Login Here” and follow the below outlined steps going forward whenever you login
  • For external users, there is no change. They will continue to enter their username and password like always in the login page
  • PDF of the new flow with screenshots

Thank you for your time and understanding as we navigate the new corporate standards on these WWID user login changes.

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