Trouble Logging In?   

Cummins has recently updated its login for multiple websites. After this change, some users have experienced issues logging in. 

To resolve these issues, please use the following steps:

  1. Using a bookmark to visit QuickServe Online? Please delete it.
  2. Clear all your cookies and history from your browser.
    • For further steps on how to do this, please click here.
  3. Close all browser windows.
  4. Open a new browser window.
  5. Type in
    • Once the page loads, you can resave a new bookmark.
  6. Login by clicking on the Enter Site (Login) link.
    • If you try to load the page and it remains blank, please refresh your page.
    • The URL at the top should start with
  7. Enter your username and then click the arrow/Password button.
  8. Enter your password and click Submit.
  9. If it fails to recognize your password, please click Forgot password and follow the prompts to try resetting it.
    • If you have a Cummins WWID, please reset your password through WWIMS.
  10. After resetting, try logging in again.

If you have attempted the steps above and continue to face these challenges:

  1. Reset password and still unable to login
  2. Username is not recognized
  3. No challenge question set
  4. Receive an error message
    1. Bad Request – Error 400
    2. Screen with @username

Please contact your local distributor administrator or submit a QuickServe Online Help Ticket for further support.

Key Reminders:

  • Click Logout before closing your browser
    • After you are done using QuickServe Online, please click the logout button in the upper corner before closing the browser.  This will formally close your login and eliminate future login issues.
  • Do not share accounts
    • The security policy on account sharing has increased and concurrent use of a username will cause login failures for any additional users trying to login.
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