SmartSaver6 ReCon Injector Kits for MidRange Engines   

Cummins SmartSaver6 Injector Kit Now Available

Cummins SmartSaver6 Injector Kits for ISB5.9 and ISB6.7 engines are an excellent way to avoid multiple service events and save money. By replacing the entire set of six injectors instead of one at a time, you save up to 30-35%. That's better than buying five and getting one injector for free.

What does this mean in real money? Buying a SmartSaver6 Injector Kit will save you close to $1,000 on the parts alone.

The Real Cost Of Downtime.

If one injector needs replacing, chances are good that the other five will need to be changed out within the next year or two. Throw in labor costs of replacing injectors independently, plus the loss of revenue from taking a vehicle out of service; it is easy to see how you can save money over the long-term by proactively replacing injectors.

Remanufactured vs Rebuilt.

Cummins SmartSaver6 Injector Kits contain six ReCon injectors that have been remanufactured to Cummins precise standards for quality and performance. These injectors are engineered to meet or exceed original specification, and assembled using the latest manufacturing techniques and materials.

Unlike some non-genuine parts, every injector is disassembled and cleaned in a dust-free environment and performance-tested on the line. Your engine is the last place you want to test anything.

Many competitive injectors simply replace the nozzle and don't come close to the stringent quality control measures of a Cummins ReCon injector. That's why you can expect these Cummins ReCon injectors to perform better and last longer than anything else on the market at any price.

Which ISB Engines Are Covered?

SmartSaver6 Injector Kits are available for 2002-2010 ISB5.9 and ISB6.7 diesel engines with the High-Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel system.

We Install Confidence.

Every Cummins ReCon injector is precisely calibrated to factory specifications and tested on a computer-monitored test stand to ensure optimum fuel economy, durability and power. We're so confident in their reliability and durability, we provide a one-year/100,000 mile (160,935 km) warranty backed by the largest parts and service network in North America, with over 3,500 authorized locations.

Available Now.

SmartSaver6 Injector Kits are available wherever Genuine Cummins New and ReCon parts are sold via the part numbers below.

North America



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