ISX15 ReCon Long Block Installation Kits   

Cummins New and ReCon Parts is pleased to release ISX15 Long Block Installation kits that provide all the necessary gaskets and seals needed to complete the installation of a ReCon long block engine. These kits have been designed so service providers can quickly identify their engine CPL and corresponding long block part number and easily order 1 kit part number instead of ordering over 50 individual gasket and seal part numbers. These kits have been released for ISX15 EPA 2010 and EPA 2013 long block part numbers only.


ISX ReCon Long Block Installation Kits .pdf | Bulletin: 5600529  

The above bulletin has been released on to allow service providers to quickly identify installation kit part numbers based on long block part numbers and CPLs. Simply open the .pdf and press "ctrl F" to search the document for CPL and part numbers.



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