Jacobs Exhaust Brake for the Dodge Ram   

The Best Brake For The Best Engine.

Now that you have chosen a Cummins 610 Turbo Diesel for its legendary torque and performance, a Jacobs Exhaust Brake® can provide added control and brake savings - by transforming Cummins horsepower into braking power. The Jacobs Exhaust Brake is now also available for Cummins powered Dodge Ram pickups with automatic transmissions for 2006 and later models.

Don't Compromise Exhaust Brake Performance. Or Your Warranty.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Factory-approved for the Cummins Turbo Diesel and endorsed by Mopar, so it doesn't put your engine or power train warranty at risk
  • Backed by a comprehensive 3-year/100,000-mile (160,934 km) warranty on the exhaust brake assembly, with a 3-year/36,000-mile (57,937 km) warranty on all other kit components
  • Designed with exhaust brake and automatic transmission controller integrated into the engine so you don't have an external lock-up box
  • Supported by the largest diesel parts and service network in North America
  • Built by the same people who make the famous Jake Brake®

Know Before You Tow.

Jacobs Exhaust Brake is jointly engineered and tested by the Heavy-Duty experts at Dodge, Cummins and Jacobs Vehicle Systems to deliver superior performance:

  • Increased vehicle control, especially for peace of mind when towing
  • Reduced overheating and fading of service brakes on long downhill grades
  • Helps brakes last up to three times longer
  • Compatible with vacuum-operated braking systems on many trailers
  • Warms up your cab twice as fast

Star Performer In The Rodeo.

"Dodge Rodeo has used Jacobs Exhaust Brakes since 1997 and logged over 6 million miles on our fleet of 53 Cummins-powered Dodge Rams since then. Our Rodeo cowboys rely on the Jacobs Exhaust Brake to help them control their heavy trailer loads, and save their brakes for when they really need them."

- Mike Orman (President, Dodge Rodeo)

Every Feature.

  • A shifter-mounted control switch allows for easy fingertip control of the brake
  • A drilled and tapped port for installation of an optional pyrometer (available from independent parts suppliers) allows you to monitor exhaust gas temperatures

Every Mile.

Purchase the Jacobs Exhaust Brake as a dealer installed option and get the benefits of superior braking, every mile. Plus, you can even finance your exhaust brake with your truck purchase. Ask for these part numbers at your Dodge dealer or Cummins distributor.

Model Year Cummins Part No. Mopar Part No.
2003-2004 manual transmissions



2004.5-2006 (includes 2006 automatic transmissions)



Bulletin: 4081477
Posted: 02/16/06

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