Heavy-Duty Truck Overhaul Rebate Program (N14, ISM, ISX12 and ISX15)   

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Increase your savings even more with the new Cummins Overhaul Program. From January 1 - December 31, 2019, you can combine your purchase of Genuine Cummins N14, ISM, M11, ISX12 or ISX15 parts and save a bundle. Each combination of Genuine Cummins parts purchases must be for the same engine to receive discount.

ISX12 and ISX15 (1998-2016 engines)

Customers can now receive the same discounts on ISX12 parts that are offered on ISX15 parts, allowing more ISX customers to save on the purchase of Genuine Cummins parts. In addition, EPA 2010 ISX (CM 2250 parts) now qualify for the same great discounts.

N14, ISM, and M11

Customers can now take advantage of similar discounts on Genuine Cummins parts for N14, ISM and M11 engine overhauls.

Genuine Performance. Genuine Value.

Don't take the risk of using non-genuine parts. Genuine Cummins parts are built to meet or exceed the original specifications for performance, reliability and durability of your Cummins engine. Genuine Cummins parts include the latest upgrades in materials, component design and workmanship. You aren't just replacing a worn part - you're improving the performance of your engine. From better performance and better reliability to unmatched warranty and service support, Genuine Cummins parts add genuine value to every engine.

For additional information on the options for overhauling your Cummins heavy-duty engine, please visit your local Cummins distributor or authorized dealer. To find an authorized service location near you, visit quickserve.cummins.com and click on the Service Locator link in the left hand navigation.


ISX Overhaul Kit and CPL Cross Reference Table

Please use this table as an alternative quick reference to find the overhaul kit part number based on either the piston part number or the engine CPL that you need to overhaul. Follow next steps:

  • Please use the most recent piston part number as first reference to find the overhaul kit.
  • If you do not have the piston part number, then use the engine CPL.
  • To view a larger, printable version, please click on the chart to download a PDF.
  • Before performing any ISX overhauls, please reference TSB 120067 for important information regarding saw cut and fractured split connecting rods and bearings and TSB 110277 for important information regarding cylinder liners.

ISX15 Overhaul Kit Content By Part Number

  • Use this table to verify the content of the new ISX15 overhaul kits by part number.
  • To view a larger, printable version, please click on the chart to download a PDF.

ISM Overhaul Kit Reference Guide

  • To view a larger, printable version, please click on the chart to download a PDF.

N14 Overhaul Kit Reference Guide

  • To view a larger, printable version, please click on the chart to download a PDF.


  • These tables do not substitute the QSOL Cylinder/Overhaul Kits finder tool.
  • Updates to these tables will be performed when a part number or CPL changes. 


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