Low NOx Rebuild Program   

Program Overview 

Cummins has established the Low NOx Rebuild Program in order to comply with the Field Engine Rebuild section of the 1998 EPA and CARB Consent Decrees.  This rebuild process includes loading a new ECM calibration, which allows these engines to achieve a lower overall NOx emission level after rebuild.  This program applies to specific engines (identified by year, CPL and ratings).  This program includes specific procedures to be followed by the engine rebuilder to obtain the rebuild kit (including the low NOx calibration) at no cost to the rebuilder or customer.

A Low NOx Rebuild is defined as the installation of a Low NOx ECM calibration during the course of a standard engine rebuild (see description of high and low-mile rebuilds below).  A Low NOx Rebuild Label is added to the engine near the engine dataplate to identify that a Low NOx Rebuild has been performed.

A Low NOx Rebuild is required when one of the following occurs: 

  1. High-Mile Rebuild - A rebuild is required to be a Low NOx Rebuild if a low NOx calibration is available and the engine has operated more than 466,711 km [290,000 mi] (for Signature, N, M and L) or 297,729 km [185,000 mi] (for ISB and ISC) and more than one major cylinder component (piston assembly, liner, rod or ring set) is replaced in more than half of the cylinders.
  2. Low-Mile Rebuild - In addition, at miles lower than listed above, a Low NOx Rebuild must be performed (new calibration and label) if more than one major cylinder component (piston assembly, liner, rod or ring set) is replaced in all cylinders.

The EPA has assigned the engine rebuilder with the primary responsibility to be certain that a Low NOx Rebuild is completed if a low NOx kit is released.  In addition, once a Low NOx Rebuild kit is released, Cummins is required by the EPA to "only sell, use, and authorize the sale and use of" Low NOx Rebuild kits for engines meeting the above rebuild criteria.  Noncompliance with the Low NOx Rebuild requirements will be treated as emissions tampering by the EPA.

Details of the specific CPLs and ratings that are included in the Low NOx Rebuild Program will be communicated and updated via the Cummins Internet site (www.cummins.com), 1-800-CUMMINS™ (1-800-286-6467) and on the INSITETM ESDN CD-ROM.

The terms of the Consent Decree apply to the United States, as well as the U.S. territories of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands of the United States, Samoa, the Mariana Islands (Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands) and Guam.  Cummins has also agreed to apply the Low NOx Rebuild Program to Canada.  The Low NOx Rebuild Program does not apply (at this time) to rebuilds in Mexico or other areas of the world.

Based upon the Consent Decree entry date, July 1, 1999, Cummins has established the following Low NOx kit availability dates:

Initial Low NOx Rebuild kits available ........................................December 1, 1999
Low NOx kits available for 50 percent of applicable engines .........March 1, 2000
Low NOx kits available for 100 percent of applicable programs .....December 1, 2000

Engine rebuilds or repairs performed as described above, on or after these dates, will have to use the Low NOx calibration, if one is available.  In most cases, both the Low NOx and the original calibration will be available on INSITE ESDN for some time, since there is no requirment to use the Low NOx calibration until a rebuild is performed.

There is little or no impact on customers to have the Low NOx Rebuild performed.

  1. No cost to the customer
  2. Little or no engine performance change
  3. No operational or gearing recommendation changes
  4. No oil drain interval change
  5. No engine hardware changes
  6. Little or no mpg change (most customers will not notice any difference)

ECM Recalibration Reimbursement Procedures 

 Warranty Alert 9904, issued in November 1999, provides detailed instructions for the recalibration facility to recover ECM recalibration costs and any ECM freight costs. Both the customer name and address, as well as the rebuilder name and address, will be required, along with engine serial number (ESN) and CPL/rating.

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