ISX12G Overhaul Kits   

ISX12G Overhaul Kit - 557913200

As the ISX12G engine population continues to rise, the need for convenient and affordable Genuine product offerings is critical. We’ve listened to the market need and are pleased to announce the launch of overhaul kit 5579132, to support this growing population.

Overhaul kit applies to CPLs: 3647, 4745, and 4875.


Genuine Performance. Genuine Value.

Don't take the risk of using non-genuine parts. Genuine Cummins parts are built to meet or exceed the original specifications for performance, reliability and durability of your Cummins engine. Genuine Cummins parts include the latest upgrades in materials, component design and workmanship. You aren't just replacing a worn part - you're improving the performance of your engine. From better performance and better reliability to unmatched warranty and service support, Genuine Cummins parts add genuine value to every engine.

For additional information on the options for overhauling your Cummins ISX12G engine, please visit your local Cummins distributor or authorized dealer. To find an authorized service location near you, visit our Service Locator.

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