Engine Brake Tune-up Kits for Cummins Heavy Duty Engines   


The Cummins Engine Brake has earned its reputation throughout the trucking industry as being one of the most technically superior engine braking products available. Designed jointly by heavy duty experts at Cummins and Jacobs, the "C brake by Jacobs" products have increased the safety of trucking by immeasurable amounts by helping drivers keep control of their 40-ton rigs when hauling cargo through hilly or mountainous terrain.

However, like any mechanical device, performance of these engine braking systems can deteriorate over time. Engine brake components wear at the same rate as engine components, reducing the braking horsepower. We recommend tuning up the Engine Brake at the time of overhead set or engine overhaul. In order to make this maintenance as simple as possible, Tune Up kits are available for all Cummins engines. These kits come complete with all the parts required for tune up. They are competitively priced with respect to the competition and customers can save even more if the tune up is combined with another service event like an overhead set or engine overhaul.

When should a brake Tune-up be carried out?

  • During an engine overhead adjustment or an engine overhaul or
  • When a driver notices that braking performance has deteriorated

Why do I need to tune up my Engine Brake?

Periodic and regular tune up of your engine brake will maintain the maximum power and performance of your engine brake. It will avoid unexpected downtime and unscheduled vehicle maintenance and thereby increase productivity by preventing the need to take a truck out of service for a brake related problem.

How do I select the right Tune Up Kit?

To select the right tune up kit for your engine please see the following table:

Engine Family Engine Brake Model Tune-Up Kit
Small Cam NH/NT and Big Cam II & III with single entry turbo 25B/30/30E/400/400H 3871418
Big Cam with dual entry turbo 401A/401B/401C 3871535
Pre 1988 Small Cam & Big Cam NH/NT 420/425 3871536
Small Cam & Big Cam NH/NT 425A 3871537
'88NT 430 3871538
L10 404/404B 3871540
N14 440/440A, 450A/450B, 445 3871568
M11/ISM 404D/411/411C 3871580
M11 404BG 3871586
N14 Plus 455A/455B/455C 3871704
ISL 490 3800917
Signature/ISX/QSX15 Intebrake 4025010

What does the Tune-Up Kit contain?

Typical Tune-up Kit contents include the following*:

  • Valve cover and housing gaskets
  • Piston cap screws
  • Hex head cap screws
  • Control valve cover
  • Accumulator springs
  • Solenoid harness
  • Solenoid seal rings
  • Control valve springs
  • Control valves
  • Oil seal rings
  • Master piston return springs
  • Master piston retainer
  • Terminal lead out
  • Crosshead pin assembly

*Specific kit contents may vary by model.

Every component is engineered to the latest specs, so that the Engine Brake will work as good as new. Each kit also contains all of the parts and installation instructions required to restore the brake to peak operating performance.

For more information about Engine Brake Tune-up Kits, please call us toll-free at 1-800-CUMMINS™ (1-800-286-6467), or visit your local Cummins dealer or distributor.

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