Heavy-Duty Overhaul Rebate Program (ISX EPA 2007 and Older, M11, ISM and N14)   

From January 1 - December 31, 2020, customers can combine the purchase of an overhaul kit for ISX EPA 2007 and older engines with additional Genuine Cummins Parts and save a bundle.

ISX12 and ISX15 (1998-2009 engines)

Customers who overhaul an ISX12 or ISX15 engine, (CM570, 870, 871 on-highway and industrial applications) can save big with Genuine Cummins parts.

Combining the purchase of an ISX overhaul kit and cylinder head, will allow customers to save $500. Purchase an overhaul kit, cylinder head and an additional $5,000 in Cummins parts and save $1,000. If there is a purchase of an overhaul kit, cylinder head and an additional $10,000 in parts for the same engine, customers will save a total of $1,500.

The rebate program does not apply to ISX EPA 2010 (CM2250) | ISX EPA 2013 (CM2350) engines. Overhaul kits for these engines are now available in three tiers CLASSIC, PRO, ELITE with savings priced into the offering that are similar or better to the rebate offering.

N14, ISM and M11

Customers of N14, ISM and M11 engine overhauls can also take advantage of a similar savings structure based on the following rebate table.

For additional information on the options for overhauling a Cummins heavy-duty engine, please visit your local Cummins distributor or authorized dealer.

To find an authorized service location near you, click on the "Service Locator" link on the left side navigation panel.

*Rebate program is available from January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020. Rebate is not valid with any other promotions and is subject to change.
** Rebate is not available for CM2250 and CM2350 CLASSIC, PRO and ELITE kits
***Each combination of Genuine Cummins parts purchases must be for the same engine to receive discount. Total cost of additional parts purchase, excluding core, must be equal to or greater than the required increment.
§All three N14 cylinder heads must be purchased.

Support Materials
(Marketing bulletins are currently in the process of being printed. The revised bulletins are available to order from mart.cummins.com and should ship towards the end of January 2020.)

Looking for an ISX Overhaul Kit?

Click HERE to visit the CPL search tool.

Alternatively, please refer to the Cross Reference Sheet (PDF Version)

ISM Overhaul Kit Reference Guide

  • To view a larger, printable version, please click on the chart to download a PDF.

N14 Overhaul Kit Reference Guide

  • To view a larger, printable version, please click on the chart to download a PDF.


  • These tables do not substitute the QSOL Cylinder/Overhaul Kits finder tool.
  • Updates to these tables will be performed when a part number or CPL changes. 


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