Cummins Overhaul Rebate Program   

From January 1 – June 30, 2023, customers can get a rebate when they overhaul On- or Off-Highway Cummins engines between 5.9 and 15 liters and purchase a cylinder head and additional genuine parts.

The promotion does not apply to 12- and 15-liter tiered Overhaul Kit bundles (CLASSIC, PRO and ELITE kit bundles).



If you own a medium- or heavy-duty engine between 5.9 and 15 liters, you can save big when overhauling your engine with Genuine Cummins parts. When you combine the purchase of a Cummins engine overhaul kit (or equivalent components) and cylinder head(s); you will be eligible to receive $500 off your purchase. You can save a total of $1,000 when you purchase the overhaul and cylinder head(s) plus an additional $5,000 of Genuine Cummins parts. If you purchase the overhaul and cylinder head(s) plus an additional $10,000 in parts, you’ll save a total of $1,500.





The overhaul rebate program applies to available overhaul kits or equivalent components, plus a cylinder head(s). If an overhaul kit is out of stock, the customer must purchase all of the defined components to receive the promotional discount. The promotion does not apply to 12- and 15-liter tiered Overhaul Kit bundles (CLASSIC, PRO and ELITE kit bundles).

  • Offer valid from January 1, 2023 – June 30, 2023.
  • This program excludes CLASSIC, PRO and ELITE tiered Overhaul Kits.
  • This replaces the 2020 Industrial and On-highway Heavy-Duty overhaul rebate programs.
  • Reference the Promotions section on for more details.




Looking for an ISX Overhaul Kit?

Click HERE  to visit the CPL search tool.

Alternatively, please refer to the Cross Reference Sheet (PDF Version)



These kits are not eligible for the overhaul promotion rebate. Part numbers within the exclusions list are subject to change/supersede without advanced notice.

557945100 CLASSIC ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
557945500 CLASSIC ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
557946100 CLASSIC ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
569373700 CLASSIC ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
569373800 CLASSIC ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
569383300 CLASSIC ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
569383100 CLASSIC X15 EPA17 Diesel
569383200 CLASSIC X15 EPA17 Diesel
557945200RX PRO ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
557945600RX PRO ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
557945700RX PRO ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
557946200RX PRO ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
557946300RX PRO ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
557945300RX ELITE ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
557945800RX ELITE ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
557945900RX ELITE ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
557946400RX ELITE ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
557946500RX ELITE ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
557942500 CLASSIC ISX12 EPA10/13 Diesel
563354500 CLASSIC X12 EPA17 Diesel
557943900RX PRO ISX12 EPA10 Diesel
557944000RX PRO ISX12 EPA13 Diesel
563354600RX PRO X12 EPA17 Diesel
557944100RX ELITE ISX12 EPA10 Diesel
557944200RX ELITE ISX12 EPA13 Diesel
563354700RX ELITE X12 EPA17 Diesel
563357500 CLASSIC ISX12 G EPA13 Natural Gas
563357800 CLASSIC ISX12N EPA17 Natural Gas
569379700 CLASSIC ISX12N EPA17 Natural Gas
563357600RX PRO ISX12 G EPA13 Natural Gas
569379800RX PRO ISX12N EPA17 Natural Gas
563357700RX ELITE ISX12 G EPA13 Natural Gas
563358000RX ELITE ISX12N EPA17 Natural Gas
632444800 CLASSIC X15 EPA21 Diesel
632445000 CLASSIC X15 EPA21 Diesel
569383400RX PRO ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
569383700RX PRO ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
569383800RX PRO ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
569384200RX PRO ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
569384300RX PRO ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
632445100 PRO X15 EPA17 Diesel
632445100RX PRO X15 EPA17 Diesel
632445200 PRO X15 EPA17 Diesel
632445200RX PRO X15 EPA17 Diesel
569383500RX ELITE ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
569383900RX ELITE ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
569384000RX ELITE ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
569384400RX ELITE ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
569384500RX ELITE ISX15 EPA10/13 Diesel
632445400 ELITE X15 EPA17 Diesel
632445400RX ELITE X15 EPA17 Diesel
632445500 ELITE X15 EPA17 Diesel
632445500RX ELITE X15 EPA17 Diesel
569379900RX ELITE ISX12N EPA17 Natural Gas
638394000RX PRO EPA 13  
638394100RX ELITE EPA 13  



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