Genuine Cummins Belts   

When your Cummins engine needs a belt, there's a genuine advantage to using a Genuine Cummins Belt. These belts are designed to work efficiently in every kind of operating condition. Every belt is engineered with the latest improvements, built and tested to meet Cummins rigid quality standards. Plus, they come with full warranty coverage for all Cummins engines. For dependability and long-lasting value, you can't beat a Genuine Cummins Belt.

Every™ Environment.

Belt life is considerably affected by the operating environment. For example, belt life is shortened considerably in ambient temperatures exceeding 180° Fahrenheit (82.2°C). Dusty and dirty environments cause abrasion and wear to the belt material, affecting its life. Finally, excessive spillage and leakage of solvents, oils, coolants, lubricants and fuels also cause belt wear, reducing its life. Cummins belts are designed specifically to operate efficiently in these kinds of harsh environments. Only Genuine Cummins Belts are guaranteed to be the right belt for your engine in your application and operating conditions. If you want to avoid costly downtime, insist on Genuine Cummins Belts. Buy anything else and you are taking a chance.

Every™ Confidence.

Genuine Cummins Belts come with a full factory warranty, good for up to six months with unlimited miles, kilometers or hours on MidRange engines. Belts for Heavy-Duty and high-horsepower engines come with a one-year/100,000 mile (160,935 km) or 3,600-hour warranty. This warranty is honored at over 5,500 locations worldwide. So wherever and whenever you need it, Cummins has got you covered.

Every™ Order. Made Easy.

To ensure that you order the right belt, we have developed a quick and easy tool on QuickServe Online.

There are now three ways to find belt part numbers:

  1. Use engine ESN in the Option Detail just like any other Cummins engine part
  2. Enter a Dayco belt number in the cross-reference window
  3. Use belt type and dimensional data in the new Cummins Belt Drive Dimensional Look-Up

Sometimes, Cummins engines were released from our plants without belts installed so they will not show up on the Option Detail. Other times, part numbers are not available or legible on the belt, especially a serpentine belt. If you don't have enough information, don't lose hope because you can now use this exciting new feature called "Cummins Drive Belt Dimensional Look-Up".

It's simple to use:

  1. Start off with selecting the belt type that you need ("V-belt" or "Ribbed Belt"). There is also a Graphic to support belt type and dimensions critical for proper selection.
  2. Select how you wish to enter the data and see the results by choosing either metric or English dimensions.
  3. Enter dimensional data in at least one of the sections.
  4. Click on the "Submit" button for your results.

This tool allows for variation in measurement and stretch by providing results in a range of sizes beyond those entered. Dimensional information and material used in belt construction are provided along with notes on typical belt application or special features. Once you choose the right belt it can be added to your shopping cart. Or if you so please call us toll-free at 1-800-CUMMINS™ (1-800-286-6467) or just visit your local Cummins dealer or distributor.

Click here to go directly to this tool.

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