WebCUMPAS is a web-based application that links Cummins Dealers is the United States and Canada to their local Cummins Distributor. WebCUMPAS allows the Dealer to do parts order processing (Parts Inquiry, Parts Order Submission, Parts Order Status, Parts Supersession, and Parts Pricing), and Core Processing (Core Status - for either Owed Cores or Banked Cores, Core Returns and Core Credits).

The shopping cart of parts that can be created in QuickServe Online can be sent, or "checked out", to WebCUMPAS to pre-populate an order.

WebCUMPAS is accessible on existing PC equipment within the dealership via an internet connection and a web browser.

There is no charge to the Dealers for WebCUMPAS. WebCUMPAS is supported by the Distributor WebCUMPAS Coordinators and by DIS Corporation in Bellingham, Washington.  DIS Corporation is the WebCUMPAS development and support vendor.

A helpdesk is operated by DIS Corporation from 7:00AM - 5:00PM (Pacific Coast Time) and can be reached on 1-800-3CUMPAS - 1-800-328-6727.

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