RoadRelay™ 5 is the on-board vehicle/engine monitoring system that displays, in real time, key engine and vehicle information.  For example, fuel economy can be shown for an entire trip or just a portion of the trip (called leg); even instantaneous fuel economy is available.  Drivers quickly see the results of good driving habits. RoadRelay 5 can be used to coach drivers - notifying drivers when they overspeed or idle excessively.

Information from RoadRelay 5 can be used to set fleet performance standards and then monitor and compare individual vehicle or driver performance against set standards.  It logs sudden deceleration events, fuel consumption, idle time, PTO time, fault activity and even provides up to four maintenance monitor screens for electronically tracking desired maintenance activities.  You can easily measure and reward drivers based on performance.

Information captured within RoadRelay 5 can be downloaded using Cummins PowerSpec™.   PowerSpec is also the RoadRelay 5 configuration tool that allows you to quickly modify parameter settings; customizing individual RoadRelay parameters to match a specific need or to make sure setting are identical across an entire fleet.  Earlier versions of RoadRelay required a separate INLINE™ adapter when downloading information.  RoadRelay 5 has the INLINE adapter built into the unit, eliminating hassle and extra expense.  RoadRelay 5 connects to the vehicle data link and is compatible with Cummins and all competitive electronically controlled diesel engines.

Click here for the RoadRelay website.

Click here for the PowerSpec website.

This product can be purchased through your local Cummins Distributor. Click here to contact your nearest Cummins Distributor.

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