Cummins Intercept   

Service information at the touch of a keystroke. That's what you'll have with Cummins INTERCEPT. All you have to do is enter the engine serial number or the engine family, fuel system, market or build year.  INTERCEPT then creates a table of contents with Service Literature specific to the engine you are working on.

It can cut search times by as much as 90%.

INTERCEPT covers all engine service topics with information from Operation and Maintenance manuals, Troubleshooting and Repair manuals, Service Bulletins and answers to frequently asked questions.  INTERCEPT is updated bimonthly on CD ROM. Each market is available in three different segments: Midrange, Heavy Duty and High Horsepower.  And, each market is available in a Distributor, Dealer or Customer version. The Customer CD ROM's are sold one-off without any subscriptions or updates.  Value Packages are available.

This product can be purchased through your local Cummins Distributor.  Click here to contact your nearest Cummins Distributor.

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