Engine Selection for Worldwide Usage   


Cummins designs and manufactures a range of engines to meet the varying needs of customers as well as meet differing levels of emissions regulations throughout the world.  It is critical for OEMs, dealers and customers to not only select the proper engine to satisfy the duty cycle and operational needs of the customer but also to select the correct engine for the intended country of use.  Failure to do so can result in engine failures, unplanned downtime and denial of warranty coverage.

Emissions Levels and Required Engine Hardware

One of the main factors in the ability of an engine to operate properly is the level of sulfur in the diesel fuel that is available in a particular country or region.  Cummins engines are designed with the engine and aftertreatment system components to minimize exhaust emissions levels.  In conjunction with these components, all low emission EPA 07, EPA 10, EPA Tier 4 Interim / European Union Stage IIIB 2011(174-751 hp) engine systems require the usage of Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel which contains less than 15 ppm by volume of sulfur.

Improper Fuel Usage and Consequences

Improper fuel usage of sulfur levels greater than 15 ppm on Cummins low emissions engines can permanently damage engine and aftertreatment systems within a short period of time.  This damage could possibly cause the engine to be inoperable and cause unplanned downtime and expenses for the customer.  In addition, the reduced efficiency of these components can increase emissions levels and decrease fuel economy.

Availability of ULSD fuel is very limited outside of North America and the EU, thus it is critical to not operate an engine requiring ULSD in a country without available ULSD supply.  In addition to the damage to engine and aftertreatment systems, there will be limited parts and service support for these engines outside of North America and the European Union.

Selection of Proper Engine

Visit http://www.unep.org/ and search for diesel sulfur map to view the lastest information and to help identify which engine models are compatible for use in different countries throughout the world.

Diesel Sulfur Level By Application 




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