ReCon Water Pumps   

Sell "The Genuine Advantage" With Cummins ReCon Water Pumps

Genuine Cummins.  Only Cummins ReCon guarantees that the water pump you sell is remanufactured to the latest Cummins specifications using only genuine Cummins parts. This is vital because some aftermarket products "look" genuine, but service life may be shortened by inferior materials, obsolete processes and out-of-date specifications.

Remanufactured - Not Rebuilt.  Unlike many "local rebuilders" who fix-what's-broke, Cummins ReCon water pumps are completely remanufactured in a factory environment. In fact, every Cummins ReCon water pump is totally disassembled down to the last bolt.

To assure consistent quality, all critical machining operations are computer controlled. Any part that can not be restored to Cummins' exacting specifications is scrapped and replaced with a brand-new genuine Cummins part for greater durability.

Unmatched Quality.  Unlike many "local rebuilders" who allow the customer to be the final quality check, ReCon addresses quality issues before the product leaves our doors. With our Quality Systems, ReCon incorporates Quality into every aspect of our business. This extensive program focuses on preventing quality problems at every step in the process. After final assembly, every water pump is functionally tested to assure optimum performance and reliability. We test our products in the factory so your customers never test them on the road.

Latest Technology.  The seal is the most critical component of a water pump and also the most common point of failure. Extensive research and analysis by Cummins engineers has yielded the best heavy-duty, unitized seals available.

The top grades of facing materials are used to resist wear and maximize seal durability. Spring tension between the seal and seat is optimized to reduce friction. These seals lead the industry in durability and allow your customer's engine to keep running cool under even the most extreme operating conditions. Our seals are matched exactly for each pumps application. Non-genuine water pumps, whether new or rebuilt, often contain garden-variety seals more commonly found in passenger cars or other light-duty applications.

The Best Support.  When you choose Cummins products, you are backed by the best warranty in the business honored by the the largest and best independent service network in the world. So don't sweat it with an inferior water pump - keep your cool with Cummins ReCon water pumps.

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