ReCon Injectors   

Genuine Cummins.  Only Cummins can guarantee that their injectors are remanufactured to the latest Cummins specifications.  This is vital because some non-genuine products "look" great on the outside, but it's the inside story that counts.

Remanufactured versus Rebuilt.  Unlike many rebuilders who simply "fix-what's-broke" or "clean-and- rebox", Cummins ReCon injectors are completely remanufactured.  In fact, every Cummins ReCon injector is totally disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and carefully inspected using the latest technology. Any part that cannot be restored to Cummins' specifications is scrapped and replaced with a brand new genuine Cummins part. In addition, ongoing product improvements from Cummins are incorporated enabling your injectors to deliver even greater reliability, fuel economy and performance.

RX and PX Injectors.  Cummins ReCon RX and PX injectors lead the industry in quality, reliability and performance.  Our injectors feature 100% requalified cups.

In this qualification process, the latest technology is employed to assure consistent quality. For example, optical comparators and video microscopes determine if the cup is within Cummins specifications. If the cup doesn't hit the mark, it is scrapped. Cups that meet specifications are then hydraulically flow tested.  This is the same test Cummins uses on brand new cups. Barrel and plunger dimensions are verified using laser gauging, video microscopes, and optical comparators.  Then barrels and plungers are match-fit using electronic gauging. The entire process is geared to produce the highest quality product.

Perfect Calibration. Every™ Time.  Precise calibration is crucial to the fuel economy, reliability and performance of your Cummins engine.  That's why Cummins engineering developed new calibration equipment that guarantees calibration to factory specifications. Every™ Time.  The injector calibration specifications are fed into the computer-monitored test stand. A digital display on the stand tells the operator when the injector is calibrated to specification.  The result is precise calibration to give you optimum fuel economy, durability and power.

The Best Support.  When you specify Cummins ReCon products, you are backed by the best warranty in the business, honored by the largest and best independent service network in the world.  So maximize performance with ReCon injectors.


  • A complete line of MidRange, Heavy-Duty, and High Horsepower injectors
  • Factory remanufactured, not just repaired or rebuilt
  • Not only looks good but performs to OEM specifications
  • 100% replacement of critical wear parts
  • Tested in our factory for optimum reliability, durability and performance - We never use your engine to test our products
  • No hidden core billbacks, no surprise charges - You know the total cost upfront
  • Global warranty
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