ReCon Air Compressors   

Genuine Cummins.

Only with Cummins you can be assured that your ReCon air compressor is remanufactured to the latest factory specifications using only genuine Cummins parts.  ReCon air compressors are available for the following engines:

































Every™ Part. Genuine.

ReCon air compressors are completely remanufactured in a factory environment.  In fact, every ReCon air compressor is totally disassembled.  To assure consistent quality, all critical machining operations are computer controlled.  Any part that cannot be restored to new specifications is scrapped and replaced with a new genuine Cummins part.

ReCon air compressor remanufacturing standards include genuine pistons, connecting rods, new rings, gaskets, O-rings, new springs, snap rings and wear plates.

Superior Quality.

Expect to see improved performance from a newly installed ReCon air compressor.  Your engine will get optimum airflow, greater power and better fuel economy.

Unlike many "local rebuilders" who allow you, the customer, to be the final quality check, Cummins addresses quality issues before the product leaves our doors.  With our Total Quality System (TQS), Cummins incorporates quality into every aspect of our business.  This extensive program focuses on preventing quality problems at every step in the process.

Extensive Testing.

After final assembly, every ReCon air compressor is functionally tested to assure maximum reliability.  We are so confident in our product that it is backed by the best warranty in the business.

Every™ Advantage.

  • 100% factory remanufactured to include the latest Cummins technology upgrades
  • Fast turnaround-You're back on the road in hours with no risky machine shop repairs or unexpected delays
  • Core exchanges are based on a simple visual inspection
  • Warranty honored at over 3,500 authorized service locations across the U.S. and Canada*

Every™ Question. Answered.

Ask your Cummins representative about ReCon Air Compressors.  For more information, call us toll-free at 1-800-CUMMINS™ (1-800-286-6467) or visit your local Cummins dealer or distributor. 

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