Introducing Technical Service Bulletins   

Based upon customer feedback in a 2008 survey conducted by Cummins, it was clear that information needed to be easier to find.  Because of this feedback, Cummins has been working to bring about a change that will consolidate multiple methods of communicating with the field to only one.  Beginning the week of July 5th, 2010, Cummins will begin using a document called a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB), rather than the using the multiple documents that are used today, reducing the complexity of determining where to look for answers.

Existing Early Field Notifications and Service/Parts Topics have been reviewed, and those found to still be applicable have been converted into Technical Service Bulletins.  Service/Parts Topics that announced changes to manuals will not be converted, as that content will have already been incorporated into the correct publication.  For those documents that are converted, the old EFN and SPT document numbers have been recorded, so the new TSB documents can be found either by searching by the new TSB number, or the previous document number.  If you require an old Service/Parts Topic that was not converted into a TSB, please submit a QuickServe Online feedback/help ticket indicating which topic is required.  An electronic copy will be provided to you as soon as possible, and the content will then be reviewed for accuracy and converted into a TSB which will be available on QuickServe Online.

Service/Parts Topics will no longer be used to announce changes to manuals.  Instead, changes to manuals will be recorded in a change history section that will be available on QuickServe Online, as well as in the printed publications.  Technical Service Bulletins will also have a change history section that can be found at the bottom of the document.

As was the case for Early Field Notifications and Service/Parts Topics, only those documents that are pertinent to the Engine Serial Number (ESN) or the Engine Model that is being searched upon will be displayed on the Service page.  In addition, due to the potentially large number of documents, and volume of information that will be covered by TSB documents, QuickServe Online will soon be introducing enhanced filtering options that will allow the document list to be refined based upon criteria such as Group.

Any questions or comments regarding the new Technical Service Bulletin should be submitted using the QuickServe Online feedback/help ticket system. 

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