TLS 1.1 Support Discontinued   

Security and safety are top priorities for Cummins. Cummins recently migrated to Salesforce Authentication. We were notified that users coming through via TLS 1.1 from October 29, 2019 will be block due to the security vulnerabilities. 

We request that, if you are using TLS 1.1 or lower or an incompatible row in the table below, an upgrade is performed for your environment. We strongly encourage this effort to occur as soon as possible to ensure there is no or limited interruption in access to QuickServe Online. 

If you are using TLS 1.2 and have compatibility per the table below, you may disregard this note.

Please find the compatible Browsers and Operating Systems:



QSOL Login Changes label
QuickServe Advantage
Genuine cummins parts packaging label
J1939 Data Link Diagnostic Tool
NOx Sensor Test
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Voltage Drop Test