Responsive Service Manuals   


Engine Service Information on QuickServe® Online has been updated for user-friendly viewing on various mobile devices, computers, and tablets. This document highlights the features available when viewing engine service information in this new, responsive format.


Navigating the Manual

When viewing and interacting with a manual on QSOL, the following features are available.

  1. Menu Icon - Clicking this icon collapses or expands the “Manual” navigation pane on the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Outline Navigation - Bold Font to highlight the procedure being viewed.

Helpful Features Bar

When interacting with a procedure on QSOL, the top of the document viewing pane hosts the “Helpful Features” bar, outline below, which provides quick assistance for doing the following.

  • Search Manual - Search the entire manual
  • Manual Change History - View the change history for the manual being viewed
  • Help With Printing - Tips on how to print from QSOL


Procedure Navigation

When interacting with a procedure on QSOL, the following items are available for use at the top of the screen, even when scrolling through the procedure.


  • Table of Contents - When clicked, steps throughout the procedure can be chosen and the screen will relocate to that step for viewing. Click the Table of Contents Button again to close the menu.

  • Contact Us - Takes you to the QuickServe® Online Help Desk page where a Help Ticket can be submitted.


When viewing information within a document, either by scrolling or using the Table of Contents, the following will occur.

  1. Table of Contents menu bar will lock to the top of the screen for easy access, hiding the Helpful Features Bar.
  2. An Arrow will appear at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Click this arrow to return to the top of the document. The Helpful Features Bar will return once the top of the document is reached.

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