ReCon Data Now Refreshed Weekly   

Starting January 1, 2006 all ReCon engine data in QuickServe Online will be automatically refreshed once per week, directly from the factory databases. Previously, ReCon content was provided to QuickServe Online through a file created manually by the ReCon organization. This data was not updated on a regular basis, and this sometimes resulted in bad or missing information.

We have been working closely with the ReCon group and the SLP IT organization to develop an automated process for refreshing this data regularly. This change will greatly improve the quality of the ReCon engine information we present in QuickServe Online.

We know that the quality of information presented on our website is critical to providing excellent customer support. We are very pleased to be able to bring you this improvement. We have more changes planned for our ReCon content 2006 that will help you serve your customers better. We will announce those changes as they occur in the coming months.
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