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Update Published: February 10, 2022

In the recent months we have been able to complete many features and improvements! It has been the user voices that have helped guide to be the awesome system we now have, and we are excited to continue delivering enhancements and never been seen before features! 

The following list contains notable items that system users will notice. 

  • Graphics are back! There are 12,000 more graphics in than QSOL, currently. Graphics are being added daily and at a pace of about 1,000 per month.

  • Training modules are in place and seeing updates as the system undergoes changes. Training modules are found in the Contact Us section under Need Training. 

  • System speed is way up, with many little behind the scenes processes being streamlined, you will notice much improved system speeds.

  • Certain options from certain plants were not showing.  This is sometimes “no content options” where people really only needed the option notes. We have made sure these options are now showing so the option notes are available. 

  • Frequently Purchased Together feature is showing great success. This feature is empowering new salespeople to deliver a more complete parts offering.

  • The parts catalog is connected to more manufacturing plants than ever before in QSOL. This means less opportunity for an ESN to not return results. 

  • Logic behind the kits and sets has been greatly improved. 

  • Overhaul kits are in the kit and sets segment and do not require a special CPL search. When in kits and sets for an ESN, simply start typing overhaul into the search box to narrow the search results. 

  • BOMs are loaded for many of the overhaul kits. This is exciting because it has been a difficult question for years and now can answer that question. 

  • CUMPAS and the export Pick List feature is streamlined and does not require a daisy chain of events. Make sure you are logged in and you will see the button when viewing your Pick List. 

  • Kits have been added to the bottom of all options the way they appeared in QSOL, not just pre 2015 like they were before. This helps to quickly look for a kit related to the option you are already navigating through.  

    • There is a button on the option details screen that launches a user to the bottom of the screen, so they don’t need to scroll to the kits at the bottom.

  • Behind the scenes we have scaled up our server capability to help make sure we have the fastest system possible. Reminder, in 2015 and newer ESN's we are always showing you the as-built data, and this is one of the greatest improvements offers. 


Archived Material - Additional navigation techniques have been added and the return of option graphics (exploded diagrams) is not captured in the training links below.

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Update Published: June 22, 2020

We heard your voices and recognize the concern with the migration.  We deeply value your opinions and your continuous partnership. In this spirit, we are temporarily rolling back, meaning the QuickServe Online parts catalog will be temporarily restored, to allow you more time to try the parts catalog on and provide further valuable feedback .

It is critical that you try first to identify any gaps in the available information, features or navigation. If you find a gap, report it through a help desk ticket. Help desk tickets can be submitted by clicking on “Contact Us” on and then Help Ticket.

Each help desk ticket is being added to a migration tracker and resolved as quickly as possible. Often, a single ticket corrects gaps for multiple products or options so your one ticket can have a big impact on the overall website.

The next migration is targeted for Mid-July , so don't delay getting familiar with the site. We are here to help, watch for training sessions coming shortly from your local distributor. Communications, training materials, tips & tricks, and FAQs can be found by clicking on the "Parts Catalog Migration" banner on QuickServe Online.

We recognize the immense impact to you and appreciate all the feedback shared. Thank you for being our continued partner and working together to migrate into the next generation parts catalog.




Update Published: March 31, 2020

Change to Default Parts Catalog View in QuickServe Online

In September 2018, we kicked off an effort to migrate users from QuickServe Online to, the next generation of parts catalogs. After receiving multiple improvement opportunity voices for, we slowed the original migration plan.

We have now implemented the improvements, performed an additional voice of customer with key stakeholders and analyzed the voices to determine that all required functionality is now in place. For more information, all current and legacy communications regarding the migration are available below.

On April 15, 2020 , all users who click on the Parts Catalog tab within the QSOL Parts tab will see a new landing page replacing the default catalog view. This new landing page will allow users to go directly to


Here is a snapshot of what the screen will look like:


The legacy option and system views will remain a click away as we work on migrating users to solely using The profile setting for swapping the default catalog view will also be disabled.


When we migrate a user group, the legacy catalog views will no longer be displayed on QuickServe Online. The order of migration will be as follows:

  • April 22, 2020 - Limited Owners Plan (LOP), Unlimited Owners Plan (SIR) and Parts Only
  • May 13, 2020 - Factory Employees, Supplier, Contractors and Joint Ventures
  • May 20, 2020 - Fleets, Customer In-House Repair/National Accounts, VoTech and OEMs
  • June 03, 2020 - Dealers
  • ****June 17, 2020 - Distributors
    • ****Migration being delayed to July 15, 2020 to further support dealer migration


Distributors migrating last is intentional to allow additional time to:

  • Become experts in navigating
  • Compare QuickServe Online to and provide feedback
  • Address questions raised by user groups that have already migrated


Once the migration is complete, here is a sample of what the screen will look like:



Along with the Parts Catalog tab changes, the Emissions Catalog and Dataplate within the Parts tab will also be removed during the migration as they have fully transitioned to

In addition, the Cummins Power Generation - Bill of Materials search for Power Generation products will also be removed during the migration.


To assist during and post migration, training, promotional materials, previous communications and FAQs are available below. We understand that change can be a challenge and appreciate your support during the migration.



Article Originally Published: September 28, 2018

Before the end of Q3 2019, the Parts Catalog, Dataplate and Emissions Catalog tabs within the Parts tab will be transitioning from QuickServe Online to only on

We appreciate change can be a challenge, but the advancements we now offer on will ease the transition by bringing immediate value never offered on QuickServe Online including:

  • One stop for all Cummins related parts and products including Engines, Turbochargers, Filtration, Emissions and Power Generation
  • English, Chinese, Russian, French, Portuguese and Spanish translations
  • Global search for any serial number, part number, part description or combination
  • Simple navigation for quick identification of the correct parts for your needs
  • Individual part graphics
  • Unique part detail pages with part dimensions, alternative part options including supersessions and applicable part related kits
  • Part Availability for North American and Rumst Distribution Centers (must be logged in to see)
  • Gasket sets, kits and sets content graphics displaying what is available within the part number
  • Save an Engine Serial Number to easily get back to the parts catalog
  • Ability to create a pick list that can be shared with any Cummins distribution partner
  • Mobile device ready
  • And more available to explore

Some functionalities on will be different than what was traditionally offered on QuickServe Online including:

  • QuickServe Online displays the service build for the engine - parts required to perform a repair. offers a more in-depth view of the original engine and is based on the manufacturing build. This allows all parts used to build the engine to be identifiable and mapped to the service options available.
  • PP options on QuickServe Online are broken down into sub-options which can be clicked on individually to view the parts. PP options on are a single option with all the sub-options contained along with the parts.
  • Kits and Gasket Sets on QuickServe Online are available in the option list. Kits and Gasket Sets on are available on the left-hand side for newer engines and still in the options for legacy engines.

During the transition, the QuickServe Online team will be actively communicating through messages on the impacted tabs notifying users that the change is within a few weeks and then a message once the transition is complete. Going forward, new features and functionality improvements will be added so keep checking back to see what’s new.


For our Distributor Administrators, please note:

As part of the transition, we will no longer be offering the Parts Only version of QuickServe Online for sale in Software Registration. Please encourage all parts only locations to utilize instead.

Please see PPC 5632 for more information.


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