New Functionality for QSOL Power Generation Users   

The Power Generation Business Unit (PGBU) Service Information team, along with the QuickServe Online (QSOL) team, are proud to announce the immediate availability of new functionality in the QSOL application for Cummins Power Generation equipment.

First, service information (for generator sets only at this time) can be searched for using the product’s serial number. By entering the product’s serial number, the system will determine the product, where it was built, along with a number of key component items such as the engine, alternator and controller. These results are then used to provide the most accurate list of manuals and other service-related information that may be required to service or support this specific product.

Please view the screen shots below for more detail.

Enter a serial number into the Content for Serial Number (SN): field and then click on the grey arrow. Note: If you do not click on the arrow, your search will not work.

Below is an example of results returned by a Serial Number search.

The following fields display on the first grey line, based on your serial number:

  • Service Information For Serial Number - Lists your serial number you searched with.
  • Plant - Where your model was made.
  • Model - Listing of your specific model.
  • Spec - For plants that have spec letters, this lists which spec the documents show.
  • Engine - Type of engine used.
  • Alternator - Type of alternator used.
  • Controller - Type of controller used.
The following fields display warranty information, on the second grey line, based on your serial number:
  • Warranty Information For Serial Number - Lists your serial number you searched with.
  • Coverage ID - Number for type of coverage the serial number has.
  • Coverage Description - Describes coverage based on serial number.
  • Ship Date - Date item was shipped from the plant.
  • In Service Date - When item was put in service.
The light grey line displays the following information:
  • GLN - Global Literature Number, which is specific number for each manual.
  • Language - The language of the manual.
  • Document Type - Lists what type of document each is.
  • Description - Describes what the manual is about.
Manuals for your specific serial number are listed. Below these are the Common Documents, which are show for each search done in QSOL.

Notes for Content for Serial Number (SN):
  • Spec letter information is for Fridley product only.
  • We do not have good spec letter data pre-2009.
  • No controller information for Brazil or India product.


Second, the Bill of Material functionality has been enhanced. Now, users can more easily identify items on the Bill of Material that may be required during a service event. This has been done by:

  1. Removing items from the Bill of Material that are not needed from a service perspective
  2. Highlighting parts on the Bill of Material that can be purchased as service items
  3. Displaying serial numbers for key components such as engine, alternator, controller, radiator and trailer where they are applicable
Please view the screen shots below for more detail.

As can be seen above, there are two searches for Bill of Material. These are:

  • Bill of Material - By Serial Number
  • Bill of Material - By Part Number
For the Bill of Material - By Serial Number, once you click on this link, you will see the following screen, shown below.


Type in serial number and click on the Search button.

Where search is returned, you will see the following:

Important items to note from the returned search:

  • Items highlighted in light blue denote that the item is a Service item which can be purchased.
  • Items in grey are Production Only items, which cannot be purchased.
  • Feature items listed in blue and underlined denote that you can click on this item and the BoM will go to another level.
  • Items not in blue and not underlined are at the bottom level of the BoM and there is no information to be clicked on.
  • On the far right, the Component Serial Number, this will be listed if there is one to display. Note in the above example the Engine and Alternator component serial numbers are shown.

If you are looking to obtain a lower level BoM, click on a part number that is highlighted. An example is Feature 0179-3211-02, the following displays:

The top level part number is listed at the top and the part numbers that make this up are listed below. Like at the first level of the BoM, items that are in blue and underlined can be clicked on to view the next level.

Please note, for the BoM search, the time ranges for each plant:

  • Brazil - From November 4, 2007 to present.
  • China - From July 2, 2008 to present.
  • Fridley - From January 23, 1998 to present.
  • India - From September 10, 2007 to present.
  • Kent - From January 31, 2000 to present.
  • Singapore - From January 13, 2007 to present.


The other way to search is with the Bill of Material - By Part Number. Once you click on this link, you will see the following:

Enter a part number in the search box and click on Search. Entering item number 0179-3211-02, below is what displays:

Clicking on the first link brings back an error message:

Clicking on the second link brings back the following information:

The BoM listing for 0179-3211-02 is displayed. This lists all of the items that are make up 0179-3211-02.


Reporting Issues

While we are happy to announce this new functionality, we also recognize that it doesn’t support all Cummins Power Generation products that the channel needs to support. We have tried to provide guidance on products (based on manufacturing date and plant) this new functionality should work for based on the product information we have been able to gather.

If you identify a serial number that meets the data guidance and QSOL doesn’t provide the expected results, we ask that you create a QSOL Help Desk Ticket so we can investigate the problem. The current capability to search for Service Information by Plant/Model/Spec is still available and can be used just as it has in the past, while we sort out any product information issues.

Please see the information below on the process to create a QSOL Help Desk Ticket.

Once you click on the link, you will see the below screen:

For the Module* dropdown, please select Generator/Alternator Bill of Materials (BOM) when selecting a module. Please see view of this below.

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