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Thank you to everyone who is submitting details tickets with concerns about Each issue is being address urgently as we take seriously your need to have access to the correct parts information to support our customers.

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Update Published: February 10, 2022

In recent months we have been able to complete many features and improvements! It has been the users voices that have helped guide to be the awesome system we now have, and we are excited to continue delivering enhancements and never been seen before features! 

The following list contains notable items that system users will notice. 

  • Graphics are back! There are 12,000 more graphics in than QSOL, currently. Graphics are being added daily and at a pace of about 1,000 per month.

  • Training modules are in place and seeing updates as the system undergoes changes. Training modules are found in the Contact Us section under Need Training. 

  • System speed is way up, with many little behind the scenes processes being streamlined, you will notice much improved system speeds.

  • Certain options from certain plants were not showing.  This is sometimes “no content options” where people really only needed the option notes. We have made sure these options are now showing so the option notes are available. 

  • Frequently Purchased Together feature is showing great success. This feature is empowering new salespeople to deliver a more complete parts offering.

  • The parts catalog is connected to more manufacturing plants than ever before in QSOL. This means less opportunity for an ESN to not return results. 

  • Logic behind the kits and sets has been greatly improved. 

  • Overhaul kits are in the kit and sets segment and do not require a special CPL search. When in kits and sets for an ESN, simply start typing overhaul into the search box to narrow the search results. 

  • BOMs are loaded for many of the overhaul kits. This is exciting because it has been a difficult question for years and now can answer that question. 

  • CUMPAS and the export Pick List feature is streamlined and does not require a daisy chain of events. Make sure you are logged in and you will see the button when viewing your Pick List. 

  • Kits have been added to the bottom of all options the way they appeared in QSOL, not just pre 2015 like they were before. This helps to quickly look for a kit related to the option you are already navigating through.  

  • There is a button on the option details screen that launches a user to the bottom of the screen, so they don’t need to scroll to the kits at the bottom.

  • Behind the scenes we have scaled up our server capability to help make sure we have the fastest system possible. Reminder, in 2015 and newer ESN's we are always showing you the as-built data, and this is one of the greatest improvements offers. 

Please continue checking here for more updates. 

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