Migration Status Updates   

Thank you to everyone who is submitting details tickets with concerns about Each issue is being address urgently as we take seriously your need to have access to the correct parts information to support our customers.

If you face an issue, please click here to submit your issue including the ESN/PSN, option number and/or part number .


Below are the repeatedly reported issues being analyzed and resolved by the technical team. This is not an all-inclusive list of what is being addressed but represents the issues impacting the largest volume of users.


9/2/2020 - Update

      • Representative graphics are being replaced with a how-to navigate guide in order to reduce confusion

      • Frequently Purchased Together look-up being piloted with our distributors with plan to release to broader audience in the future

      • Searching in the Aftertreatment Catalog for a Cummins Emission Solutions top level assembly part number will now return the structure once the Cummins part number is clicked


      7/7/2020 - Update

          • Overhaul Kits have been added to the kits and sets section of The link will automatically launch your entered ESN in QuickServe and open overhaul kit information if kits are available - 6/17

          • Work is in progress to move the TSB hyperlink from the ‘Part Purchasing Details’ section under ‘Part Details’ up to the main table above. This will make TSB’s obvious without the need for additional movements on the screen - 6/24

          • Addressing missing DV options on Upfits - 6/30

          • Cummins Filtration links will now carry the part number over to Cummins Filtration’s website, then load and complete the search with no additional clicks or movements needed - 7/6


          6/17/2020 - Update

            • · Smart Linking to QSOL for ReCon Engine information

            • · Missing Options - Completed on 6/16/2020

            • · Post-2015 Exhaust Gas Recirculation data was regenerated and added to the parts catalog on June 10

            • · Pre-2015 Exhaust Gas Recirculation data was regeneration and added June 16

            • · ESNs and options are missing from the parts catalog - Completed 6/10/2020
              • o Regenerating 1.1 million ESNs and refreshing the parts catalog data on many of these ESNs

            • · ESN is in but no systems or options are shown - Completed 6/10/2020
              • o Regenerating 160,000 ESNs that had an error causing this information to not display
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