New Oil Registration List Now Available   

Cummins is the largest independent diesel engine manufacturer in the world.  To assure that our customers received the best oil products available for our engines, Cummins created an oil registration process in May, 1998.  Since 1998, Cummins has become a global company, and the earlier process was specifically tailored for the North American market making it inadequate to handle oils that are manufactured around the world. 

To meet this global need, a new process has been developed to ensure our customers around the world will be able to procure oils meeting Cummins Engineering Specifications.  The new process requires oil companies to provide in depth data and an oil sample to be analyzed in order to prove that they meet Cummins Engineering Specifications. Once the data has been reviewed and compliance is validated, the oil company receives a registration agreement from Cummins that allows them to claim that they meet our specifications. Meeting our specifications is important to be able to warranty the oil drain intervals that Cummins sets on its engines.

An extra part of this process now includes audits of products to assure that the quality is equal to the submitted samples used for registration.  These samples are taken randomly by Cummins personnel and submitted to the laboratory in Columbus, IN.  If they do not pass, discussions are arranged with the oil company to determine the cause and remedy.  If these discussions do not produce a remedy, the oil loses its registration and is taken off the list of registered oils.   

Another addition to the process is the listing of registered products on QuickServe® Online.  The website now includes a banner announcing the new registration process and instructions where to find the registered oil lists. Customers can sign up for a QuickServe Online account by navigating to and either logging in with a current username and password or creating a new account by selecting "Create an Account" under Information, choose Limited Owners Plan and register.   

Once logged in, click on the “ Service ” Tab in the top red bar, “ Service Tools ” mini-tab and “ Oil Registration Lists ” link within the Service Tools list. This will load a list of the different Cummins Engineering Specification numbers. Select the one that applies to your engine to view the registered oils.

Beginning next year (2016), we will also implement a similar program for engine coolants. Customers will be able to search for the best engine coolants for their specific fleets and applications.  Stay tuned for more information regarding this program.

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