Introducing a New QSOL Help Desk Module for EBU Service Information   

A new QSOL Help Desk module has been created for EBU Service Information, this module should be selected when issues are found in the following Engine Business publications:

  • Engine Manuals 
    • Service
    • Operation and Maintenance
    • Warranty Failure Code 
    • Owners
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Engine Bulletins and Instructions
    • Technical Service Bulletin
    • Service Bulletin
    • Service Parts Topics
    • Installation Instructions

Specific issues related to the above publications include:

  • Documents or manuals not appearing on QSOL
  • Incorrect formatting, typos, graphic issues
  • Broken procedure links or hyperlinks
  • TSBs not appearing using QSOL ESN search or global search
  • Questions about TSB, SB, and II revisions and revision history

Thank you in advance for using this new module.

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