National Overhaul Warranty Available for MidRange Engines   

NOW® For MidRange Engines.

When you want a comprehensive overhaul for your C8.3, ISC, QSC, ISL or QSL engine, consider the Cummins NOW Overhaul. It includes a complete teardown and inspection of key components so that the correct re-use/replacement decisions are made.

Only Genuine Cummins new and ReCon® parts are used as replacement components during the overhaul.

Cummins trained and certified technicians perform the work, and you get a nationwide warranty that's good for 2 years/100,000 miles (160,935 km) or 2,000 hours.

You can read more about the features, benefits and details of the NOW Overhaul for midrange engines on the QuickServe Online Products page.

Click here to read more about National Overhaul Warranty for MidRange Engines.

Posted: 02/16/06

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