User Management Changes   

New login procedures to improve user experience and overall security

Cummins is undergoing a significant change to the login procedures used by several of our applications. Prior to this change, the access logins of many applications were siloed and managed independent of each other, each having their own (different) control and governance process.  This often requires individual users to have multiple usernames and passwords to access our different resources. 

By consolidating our login procedures, this will help streamline our applications to a common standard and comply with industry regulations.  The overall changes will be rolled-out over a period of several months. You have likely seen the different notices advising users this change was coming in the form of pop-up notifications during your login process to our different applications.

The go-live for the new system is February 18, 2020 .


As We Go-Live:

 During the transition period, our applications will require a Freeze Period. The Freeze Period starts February 14 and ends February 18

During this time, our administrators and support teams will have No capability to:

  • Set up new users 
  • Change user information
  • Grant users access to applications

Once the Freeze Period is over, we will resume these activities. We appreciate your support and understanding during this transiton period.


Coming next:

By end of July, all existing users will be required to provide a new username, password and valid email address to continue accessing our applications. To update this information, a series of on-screen prompts will initiate upon login. More information will be shared ahead of the roll-out.

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