Parts Catalog Now in 6 Languages   

In November 2017, Cummins launched, a fully integrated parts catalog website that’s accessible and easy-to-use. Many of the features and functions on had never been available before including part number searching, individual part graphics and a pick list feature.

Now, Cummins is pleased to announce for the first time in its history, the parts catalog has been translated into 5 additional languages . Gaining customer confidence during parts research is the top mission of and being able to read the part description in the customers’ language of choice is key. The languages included are Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and French . Each language was chosen based on our customers’ usage of the site and as usage grows, more languages will be added.

Additionally, now includes ReCon and Joint Venture engine content, full integration of Holset content and over 2,500 more part graphics.

Two more releases are scheduled in 2018 with planned features including Cummins Emissions Solutions catalog enhancements, part compatibility with ESN search and additional advanced search capabilities.

No matter the Cummins engine or application, provides genuine part information you can depend on. For more information, check out the Genuine Cummins Parts Circuit page.

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