Engine Selection for Worldwide Usage   

Cummins designs and manufactures a range of engines to meet the varying needs of customers as well as meet differing levels of emissions regulations throughout the world.  It is critical for OEMs. dealers and customers to not only select the proper engine to satisfy the duty cycle and operational needs of the customer, but also to select the correct engine for the intended country of use.  Failure to do so can result in engine failures, unplanned downtime and denial of warranty coverage.

Cummins has created a Country Selection Matrix tool to help identify which engine models are compatible for use in different countries throughout the world based on diesel sulfur levels.  There is a big variation in sulfer level availability around the world and this tool helps display those variations.

This tool can be found on the Products tab of QSOL.  To go to the Products tab click here.

To go directly to the country selection matrix tool click here.

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