Enhanced Searching Options for Generator Content on QSOL   

We are pleased to announce an easier way to search for Generator Content on QSOL.  While conducting a search, it is no longer necessary to enter the Plant/Model/Spec each time while looking for literature.  Now after your initial Plant/Model/Spec entry, the information will stay populated and viewable.  This will make it easier to conduct searches on models with multiple spec letters. 

In addition, the model information will stay at what is selected instead of defaulting to the top.  This will help to simplify searches for similar models.  Please note, if you move between different areas, an example being warranty or parts, you will need to click on the magnifying glass by the Search by Plant, Model or Spec link.  This will bring up the Plant/Model/Spec search criteria again with your last search still populated.  You do not need to re-enter all of your previous information.  

We are excited for this new enhancement and hope that it makes your search for generator content that much easier.

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