Cummins Emission Solutions Catalog Now Available   

After our phase one improvements to the Cummins Emission Solutions information available on QuickServe Online, we continued on to our phase two improvements addressing the various voices we heard about how difficult it is to find emissions information. These voices included scenarios like how to find information if no engine serial number (ESN) is available, option details information when specific emissions data isn’t linked to the ESN and the Cummins part number when the Cummins Emission Solutions (CES) number is all that’s available. After just a few months, we have implemented our latest improvements.

Cummins is pleased to announce the release of the Cummins Emission Solutions Catalog on QuickServe Online. This catalog does not require an engine serial number (ESN) to perform the search but may require an ESN in order to provide the specific option details information for the entered number.

To access the catalog, click on the “ Parts ” tab and then “ Emissions Catalog ” mini-tab. You can also find a button linking to the Emissions catalog from within any PE option details page. Once inside the catalog, you can search by Aftertreatment Serial Number (ATSN), Cummins Emissions Solution (CES) part number or Cummins emissions part number.

When you enter in an ATSN, you will be returned the CES part number and the Cummins part number. When entering a switchback (SWB) ATSN, you will be returned the DPF and SCR ATSNs along with the CES part number and the Cummins part number. If this ATSN is linked within our data to an ESN, you will see a link to the Option Details information for that part number. Should you not know the ATSN, you can click on the “How to find your ATSN” link for additional details on where this number is located on the engine.

When you enter a part number, you will be provided the equivalent. For example, if you enter A029D871, a CES part number, you will be returned 2880166, the Cummins part number, along with a Part Description. If there is only one option containing this part number, a hyperlink will be provided directly to the option details.

If there are multiple options that contain this part number, you will be requested to enter an ESN in order to narrow the results to a specific engine. If you do not have an ESN, you can copy and paste this Cummins part number into the “Search All Engines for” search box in the upper right corner of the page.  This will display all the options that contain this part number.

Should no information be available, you will be provided a link to some additional steps that can be followed to continue your search for the proper information.  We will be logging any missing data that is searched for and proactively working to get that information updated.

If you would like to provide us feedback or have any questions, please submit a QuickServe Online Help Desk ticket by click on “ Contact Us ” in the upper right corner of the page.

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