Customer Notice: Aftermarket Parts Over the Counter Warranty Exchange   

Thank you for your business and purchase of Genuine Cummins parts. Please be aware of the following changes to Cummins warranty administrative requirement for all DOCs, SCRs, DPFs and ECMs installed in on-highway applications, purchased in the United States or Canada on or after January 01, 2020 and VG turbos equipped with electronic actuators purchased on or after October 1, 2018.

All Customer complaints that result in replacement of the above mentioned parts MUST be diagnosed on-engine by an authorized or certified Cummins Service Provider in order for these parts to receive New or ReCon parts warranty coverage. The Service Provider performing the diagnosis and repair MUST follow all Cummins published troubleshooting steps and service procedures in order to qualify failure of these parts for warranty coverage.


It is critical that Cummins recommended tools be used to complete the appropriate published troubleshooting steps for the symptom present to ensure that the root cause of failure is addressed by the repair performed. This prevents parts from being replaced unnecessarily, reduces Customer downtime, and prevents repeat repair visits.

Cummins analyzes returned parts to determine why they are replaced. This analysis has determined that many of these parts replaced under warranty are actually not failed or have a performance problem as a result of an issue in another engine system.

In an effort to improve diagnostic accuracy, Cummins shall no longer offer “over the counter” (OTC) parts warranty coverage for Customer and/or third party performed repairs on DOCs, SCRs, DPFs, ECMs and variable geometry turbochargers and electronic turbo actuators. If a warrantable failure is identified, Cummins warranty will pay for all parts and labor required to identify the issue, replace the component, and correct any progressive damage from the failure up to the extent of the coverage limitations. This new administrative requirement applies to all on-highway DOCs, SCRs, DPFs and ECMs purchased after January 01, 2020 and turbos and actuators purchased on or after October 01, 2018. Cummins reserves the right to review suspected OTC claims filed on parts purchased on or after the above date and can deny coverage or bill-back claims for any repairs if published troubleshooting instructions were not followed by an authorized or certified Service Provider using appropriate tools during the course of the repair.

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