QuickServe Online is celebrating 10 years!   

QuickServe Online is celebrating 10 years of outstanding and innovative service!

Originally launched in January 2001 for over 6.5 million Cummins engines. The initial version of the website delivered basic engine information only.  Later releases included access for Dealers, Fleets and End-User Customers.  At that time QSOL was an alternative to purchasing published literature (Hardcopy manuals) or CD ROM products such as CEPC or INTERCEPT.

Today QSOL supports over 11 million Cummins engines, averages 5 million hits per day, and has over 100,000 users in over 30 counties around the globe.  QSOL continues to grow with online new features and functions, Help Desk support, new parts and recon promotions, and the addition of the QSOL Store.

Please join us in celebrating our first 10 years by sharing your most valued features or content.


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QuickServe Advantage
Genuine cummins parts packaging label
J1939 Data Link Diagnostic Tool
NOx Sensor Test
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Voltage Drop Test