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Genuine Cummins New and ReCon Parts for Heavy-Duty Overhaul   

ISX/QSX Overhaul Upgrade Kits.

If you own an ISX or QSX built between 1998 and October 2010, great news. You can improve both the performance and durability of your engine. Our singlepiece forged-steel Monotherm® pistons deliver improved reliability with reduced friction and lower weight. A rectangular second piston ring and tighter tolerances minimize oil consumption while a one-piece head gasket improves coolant control. This upgrade even makes ISX and QSX engines start quieter in cold weather, by reducing piston "slap."

Most ISX/QSX kits contain:

*ISX15 - 150mm liner Overhaul Kits do not contain connecting rod bearings. Bearings must be ordered separately.

Note: Connecting Rods are not contained in these kits, therefore must be ordered separately. Please contact your local Cummins distributor for ordering details and package-pricing.

1994 And Newer N14 Overhauls.

A Genuine Cummins Overhaul Kit with ReCon® cylinder heads for 1994 and newer N14 and N14 Plus engines is package-priced to save you hundreds of dollars. It's our best deal ever on the best parts for your Cummins engines, including durable articulated pistons with a forged-steel crown.

Most of the kits contain :

If you're also replacing two or more injectors, it makes good sense to replace all six while you've got the heads off.

1991-1993 N14 Overhauls.

Selecting a Genuine Cummins N14 Overhaul Kit with ReCon cylinder heads is the only way to be sure you're getting Genuine Cummins performance. Their advanced design means longer life between overhauls, with reduced oil consumption and improved fuel economy, every mile.

Most of the kits contain :

TriTech Plus piston and ring technology includes an anodized bowl for longer life, a dual Ni-Resist insert for increased durability, a 15° keystone angle and patented groove design for improved ring stability, Cummins steel "I" oil ring for better oil control and a contoured pin bore for longer life. The result is improved engine performance and reduced blowby. You get all this, plus a 3-year/ 300,000-mile (482,804 km) warranty that's good at every Cummins parts and service location (all 3,500 of them) in the U.S. and Canada.

Pre-1991 NT Super Overhauls.

NT engines have a reputation for being bulletproof, and a quarter century of durable, dependable performance tells you why. And we have an Overhaul Kit for every NT engine, whether it's a Small Cam, Big Cam or an '88 NT.

Most of the kits contain:

With TriTech pistons you get TriTech ring technology with reduced blowby and improved performance, plus a full 1-year/100,000-mile (160,935 km) warranty.

Add Cummins ReCon cylinder heads and ReCon® injectors to the package, and save even more.

M11, M11 Plus And ISM Overhaul Kits.

You couldn't beat a new Cummins M11 for value, with its exceptional fuel economy and a higher power-to-weight ratio than every other engine in its class. You can't beat the value of our M11, M11 Plus and ISM Overhaul Kits, either.

Most of the kits contain:

The articulated two-piece pistons used in these kits have an exceptional power-to-weight ratio, and forged-steel crowns for extended life-to-overhaul. A closed-chamber oil gallery improves piston cooling for longer life, while mid-stop cylinder liners increase lubrication efficiency and reduce oil consumption.

L10 Overhaul Kits.

Cummins offers L10 Overhaul Kits with TriTech technology to fit every customer need and budget. Our TriTech Plus kits feature superior design technology and advanced metallurgy, delivering improved engine performance, reduced blowby and 50% longer piston life than the original components in your L10 engine. We have every confidence in the long-lasting quality of TriTech Plus Cylinder Kits, backing them with a full 3-year/300,000-mile (482,804 km) warranty. That's three times longer than ordinary cylinder kits!

Most of the kits contain:

For older vehicles that don't need the extra performance and durability of TriTech Plus, we also offer TriTech Overhaul Kits. You still get TriTech ring technology, and a 1-year/100,000-mile (160,935 km) warranty, but at a lower cost.

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