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ReCon Turbochargers   

This Is Not A One-Size-Fits-All Business. Cummins ReCon Turbochargers Are Matched To The Engine.

Only Cummins ReCon turbochargers are remanufactured to the latest Cummins specifications using only genuine Cummins parts. This is vital because some aftermarket products "look" genuine, but service life may be shortened by inferior materials, obsolete processes and out-of-date specifications.  Know the facts - use ReCon Turbochargers!

Remanufactured - Not Rebuilt.  Unlike many "local Rebuilders" who fix-what's-broke or simply install new bearings and seals, Cummins ReCon turbochargers are completely remanufactured in a factory environment. In fact, every Cummins ReCon turbocharger is totally disassembled down to the last bolt.

To assure consistent quality, all critical machining operations are computer controlled. Any part that can not be restored to Cummins' exacting specifications is scrapped and replaced with a brand-new genuine Cummins part for greater durability. Rotating at speeds in excess of 70,000 rpm, turbo rotors are the most highly stressed components in the engine. With this in mind, ReCon balances H-style rotors three times to exacting Cummins specifications. Most rebuilders only balance the T-wheel and some do not balance at all. Whose turbo should you choose?

Superior Quality.  Unlike many "local rebuilders" who allow the customer to be the final quality check, Cummins addresses quality issues before the product leaves our doors. With our Quality Systems, Cummins incorporates Quality into every aspect of our business. This extensive program focuses on preventing quality problems at every step in the process.

Matched To The Engine For Optimum Performance.  ReCon turbochargers are engineered to provide maximum power and fuel economy. Even a slight turbo mismatch can cost hundreds of dollars in wasted fuel each year! That's why Cummins offers a complete line of turbochargers matched to specific Cummins engine CPLs. Take H3s & H4s for example. All of the non-genuine turbos offer only 14 models. It takes 31 models for Cummins to do the same job. How do they do it? It's simple. We could do the same thing if we cared more about our inventory and manufacturing costs than the performance of your engine. But we don't. That's why the exchange price isn't the most important criteria when making a purchase decision. After all, what good are a few bucks saved at the parts counter if it costs you every mile you run?

The Best Support.  When you choose Cummins you are backed by the largest and best independent service network in the world. So maximize your performance with ReCon turbochargers.

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