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Prelub™ Starters   

The Problem: All engines suffer from accelerated wear as a result of periodic dry starts especially today's high performance, fast starting diesels. No engine is immune. Dry starts can occur in severe hot or cold weather, after prolonged shutdowns or following routine oil changes.

The Solution. The Cummins Prelub™ system automatically, safely and quickly fills filters* and all oil passages prior to cranking - every time your customer's engine starts. Even remote mount oil filters pose no problem. And should someone forget to put oil in an engine, the Prelub system will not even allow the engine to begin cranking; a nice benefit that means added protection and peace of mind.

The beauty of the design is its simplicity. Just turn the existing start switch. This rotates the starter armature and oil pump (incorporated in the starter) for a few seconds until proper oil pressure is achieved. Then, and only then, will the engine crank.

Simple Installation. Installing the Cummins Prelub system is as easy as changing a starter. Simply remove your customer's conventional starter and install the Prelub starter. Attach two hoses, a pressure switch, a switch/timer assembly, a simple wiring harness and you're done. Only three basic Prelub models fit virtually all Cummins, Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel and other heavy duty diesel applications. Air start applications can also be accommodated.

It Doesn't Cost-It Pays. A Cummins Prelub starter can save your customer thousands of dollars in engine overhaul costs. Pay-back period for the initial investment can be as low as six months. And if the Prelub system saves just one turbo over the life of the engine overhaul, it has virtually paid for itself.

Protect Your Customer's Equipment Investment. Recommend the patented Prelub starters in both New and ReCon models to your customers today! Prelub is a registered trademark of RPM Industries, Inc.



*Excludes new filters.  Please refer to the Operation and Maintenance Manual for new filter instructions.

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