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Improved Parts and Service Pages   

The QuickServe Online Service page has now been redesigned based upon user feedback to provide faster, clearer, more direct access to the various documents that are appropriate to your engine.  The most notable change is the new wider, single-column layout.  The new service information page features different sections of content grouped by document type, or type of information being displayed.

A sub-navigation section is located at the top of the page (directly under the page title) that allows you to go directly to the section on the page that you need.  The sub-navigation sections is customised based upon the documents that are available for your Engine Serial Number (ESN), or Engine Model; so for instance, if you were searching for information on an ESN that had pertinent Service Bulletins, but no Campaigns, there would be a link to the Service Bulletins section, but no link in the sub-navigation for Campaigns.  And, at the bottom of each content section, a "BACK TO TOP" link can be found, which when clicked, will take you back to the top of the page.

The content sections no longer contain "hidden" information that requires clicking to show or hide information, and the document titles are displayed in full.

There will be dedicated sections for Manuals (Wiring Diagrams are included in this area), Technical Service Bulletins, Service Bulletins, Campaigns, Temporary Repair Practices, Installation Instructions, Service Tools information, and Related Information.

Some content sections, such as Technical Service Bulletins, will feature a search box to allow for searching document contents solely within the scope of that type of document.

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