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Service Provider Suggested Parts Stocking List   

A suggested stocking list and process has been created to help service providers develop a suggested parts stocking list according to certification levels. The stocking list is separated into three certification categories: MAINTENANCE, REPAIR, and FULL SERVICE. The list contains part descriptions (NOUN NAMES) and has instructions to apply a methodology and tips to translate the part descriptions into specific part numbers for representative customer engines. 

This is a manual process of applying a customer sample ESN into the Service Bill of Material (SBOM) tool on QuickServe Online (QSOL) and comparing the ESN's actual service part number list with the 'Suggested Service Provider Parts Stocking List' list found in the Parts Information section in QSOL. The resulting part number stocking list is unique for the customer's engine and the process has to be repeated for each different engine service name within a service provider territory (by ESN). The process may require a parts specialist and some service knowledge to complete.
Note: The service provider parts specialist will have to make decisions on a few of the part descriptions as they may not be applicable, not found, or are not relevant to the engine design (fuel pump modules vs complete fuel pump) for the customer engine type being reviewed.

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