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Vo-Tech Program Award Winners Have Been Selected for 2007!   


Cummins Outstanding Diesel Student Award

Regional Winners

The North American Cummins Distributors have submitted their regional winning candidates for theNational Cummins Outstanding Diesel Student Award.  These students each will be presented with a $250 SnapOn gift card and a Cummins cap.  The distributor's regional student winners were:

2007 National Student Winners:

Four students were selected from the candidates above as the National Award winners.  They are:

2007 National Diesel Training School Award Winner:

What did they Win?

The four national student winners and one instructor from Southeast Technical Institute will receive an all expenses paid trip to Columbus, IN in August for plant tours at Cummins Mid-Range Engine Plant (CMEP) and Cummins Technical Center (CTC), and for an awards ceremony.  During the ceremony they will be presented with a plaque and a Cummins leather jacket.  The winners will also attend the Allstate® 400 at the Brickyard® in Indianapolis, IN. 

The winning school will also receive a $10,000 grant towards tools, parts or an engine, their choice.

We are very excited to present our 2007 awards to these winners.  They are all exceptional candidates.  Thanks to all distributors who participated in this third Vo-Tech awards program.  We appreciate your work in making this year's awards program a success.


What is the Vo-Tech e-Tools Program?

The Vocational Technology e-Tools School Program is designed to get free Cummins electronic tools and up-to-date service information in the hands of our surrounding schools.  Each distributor has a limited number of schools that can participate.  Each school registered for this program must participate in the Awards Program.

What is the Vo-Tech Awards Program?

The Vocational Technology School Awards Program is required for any school participating in the e-Tools program.  Each school must nominate one student to be a candidate for the Cummins Outstanding Diesel Student Award.  To be eligible for the award, students must complete the application which includes a written essay.  Instructors nominating their student for the award must submit to their Cummins distributor a letter of recommendation for that student along with the student's application form.  Winners will be chosen, based on the following criteria:

Each distributor will select one winner from all students nominated through their program. 

For more information about this program please contact your local Cummins Distributor.

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